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There are over 130,000 riding accidents a year on UK roads
You're vulnerable when you're riding
Get the best accident aftercare
Total Cycle Assist from Assist Protect

Welcome to Total Cycle Assist

If you get knocked off your bike on the road, who do you turn to first for help if you're injured and your bike is damaged? As our member, we'll give you the support you need. Trusted by over 200 organisations and thousands of members.

What is Total Cycle Assist (TCA)?

Cycling is a positive choice for your health and wellbeing. But let's face facts: riding on the road puts you in harm's way, and injury is more likely because you're not surrounded by steel as you are in a vehicle.

Cyclists getting knocked off their bikes happens overwhelmingly more often than bikes being stolen. So TCA is purely designed to give you the best aftercare if you get injured in an accident that's not your fault, and does not include theft cover.

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Why do you need the support TCA provides?

Cyclists are less visible

Cyclists are less visible and often unseen

Traffic is getting more congested

Traffic is getting more congested all the time

Some drivers have bad habits

Some drivers just aren't paying attention

Potholes are getting worse

Many roads are in a poor state of disrepair

British weather adds extra risk

British weather can make things hazardous

Road conditions are dangerous for cycling

You're more vulnerable when you're cycling

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